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Strategic Planning & Training

Our approach to strategic planning is based on the

premise that it is a tool to assist senior management

in focusing organizational efforts. Unique operating

environments require that we be clear about

objectives, action plans, and most importantly


Our approach is pragmatic – there is little point

developing plans that require resources outside your

 organization's capabilities. We keep the effort efficient so that fundamental decisions reflect your resources and incorporate realistic achievable goals. Finally, we recognize our role is to provide assistance, to help people in your organization come together as a team and make choices reflecting agreed priorities. Everyone learns during this process and often understanding each other brings about transformations that have far reaching benefits.  We have extensive experience working with diverse management teams around the world.



Inventory Management

We manage our inventory to reflect our customer needs. This includes part kits for upcoming overhauls, accessory exchange pool, dedicated exchange pool arrangements, pre-scheduled exchanges, and advanced exchanges.

We offer comprehensive consignment inventory programs fully contracted, dead/excess stock buyback program, as well as fully managed inventory management programs designed for your aircraft operating mix.


Component Overhaul/Repair & Testing

We operate a fully approved overhaul facility in Canada. We focus on specific aircraft systems including hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic for selected aircraft in our target markets. We maintain comprehensive testing capabilities to ensure quality assurance, and retain strong technical expertise to support aircraft operators around the world.

Our overhaul process is rigorous but is also flexible to accommodate your operating requirements including fixed rate overhauls, written estimates, accurate turn around time, technical feedback, and analysis.

Aircraft Fleet Planning & Refurbishment

Every aircraft deal is different. We recognize this and work with professionals around the world to ensure your needs are met in the most cost-effective manner. We can roll up our sleeves to establish the right aircraft for your operational requirements. This complete analysis includes load factor, stage length, trip factors, destinations, as well as unique operational needs affecting your purchase.


While a needs analysis is critical for some operators, others know what their requirements are and our experience and knowledge provide value in accessing aircraft that are in the market. Changing markets provide opportunities for cost savings, and as an integral part of your team our professionals are looking after your interests.  We can provide aircraft value estimates, flight test reports, technical inspection & evaluation, equipment evaluation, and closing services as required. 


Maintenance Capabilities

To keep our customers' aircrafts operating at peak performance we offer a range of industry leading services including inspection, repair and overhaul on a wide range of aircraft components. We take an interest in keeping our customers' operating costs as low as possible by developing affordable repair or overhaul options.

We maintain a full spectrum of testing equipment designed to exacting industry standards. Our industry expertise covers helicopters as well as fixed wing aircraft, while our scope of service extends from hydraulic pumps to complete landing gear overhauls.

Component Exchange Pool

We maintain an extensive inventory of components to support customer operations. Access to our exchange pool is available to all customers.  All our certified accessories are TC/FAA/EASA approved components.

We have added the option of a dedicated component pool specifically designed for each customer’s unique operating requirements. This ensures that critical components are available immediately and shipped same day to customer locations. This can include flat rate exchanges with a guaranteed no bill back option.

Certifications & Forms

--Transport Canada Certification (Distribution)

--Transport Canada Certification (Approved Maintenance Organization)

--E.A.S.A. Certification – EASA Authority

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